Hotel Organisation

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Hotel Organisation

I. Hotel divisions.

Organisational Missions

Every organisation has a reason or purpose to exist. Its purpose forms the basis for the organisation’s mission. An organisation’s mission can be expressed in a mission statement. A mission statement defines the unique purpose that sets one hotel or hotel company apart from others. It expresses the underlying philosophy that gives meaning and direction to hotel policies. Hotel employees may derive a sense of purpose from a well-conceived mission statement. For example, a hotel 's mission may be to provide the finest facilities and services in the market while providing a good place to work for its employees and a reasonable return on investment to the owners. A
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Although procedures may differ from hotel to hotel with regard to reservations handling, maintenance, processing, and confirmation, the purpose is still the same: to accommodate guest requests in a manner that maximises hotel occupancy and room revenue. Computers can be programmed to provide reservations agents with information on the types of rooms available (including room rate, view, furnishings, amenities, and bed size) for a given day. Some computer systems can even provide agents with the exact room number if necessary. Computers can provide reservations agents with a great deal of information on the hotel, some of which should be provided to the guest on request. Computers have helped transform reservations agents into true salespeople. Reservations agents should convey the desirability, features, and benefits of staying at the hotel, rather than simply processing an accommodation request. It is no longer satisfactory for a reservations agent to defer to the front desk to determine a room 's rate at registration. Reservations agents should confirm the rate over the telephone at the time the guest makes the reservation. In fact, most guests requesting a reservation will not book a room without receiving a confirmed rate. The agent should reinforce the guest 's decision to stay at the property and thank the guest for his or her business. It is essential for reservations
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