Hotel Owned By Starwood Hotels

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The W. Hotel owned by Starwood hotels and Resorts Worldwide originally formed by a real estate investment firm, Starwood owned and operated a number of hotels in North America to name a few The popular traditional Westin and the forever known Sheraton that would appeal to an older crowd, but they had to come up with an attraction to the young group something eye popping. The W. Hotel is a 4 star hotel with over 50 locations worldwide was developed in 1998 a conversion of the old Doral Inn Hotel in Manhattan and have expanded throughout the US, with 3 locations in Atlanta GA. Midtown being the most popular location which sits near downtown in a upscale glass creative building structure it’s where most of the happenings occur and where southern hospitality meets sleek chic. The W. Features unique twist to the feel of the hotel, the lobbies are called living rooms and attempt to use the letter W with wherever possible example the swimming pools are known as the Wet and the concierge is known as the “Whatever Whenever”

W. Hotels The W. Hotel has 46 properties with 13,124 boutique hotels worldwide. According to (Garrido, 2011) W Hotels is 2010 highest performing brand in Starwood Hotels at 4.7% Average Daily Rate (ADR) increase and 9.4 occupancy increases. W hotels also lead all Starwood brands for highest average occupancy 73.7% and in opinion in Hot Atlanta the W. Hotel will attract more and will continue to soar. The brand hallmark for the W. Hotel is…
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