Hotel Personnel

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The Hotel Director is responsible for all hotel departments onboard and supervises all "hotel" department heads to ensure company standards and procedures are being upheld, in an effort to maximize guest service and satisfaction. The Hotel Director oversees crew morale onboard and allocates crew cabins. They are directly involved in the maximization of onboard revenues and will monitor and control expenses and requisitions of all hotel departments. The Hotel Director ensures all group functions and our VIP guests are looked after.


The Chief Purser is responsible for the overall operation of the Guest Services on board and manages the Purser
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Also, working different shifts, such as a Day Assistant(s) and Night Assistant(s).

Laundry Manager - Responsible for the cleaning and pressing of all items onboard, such as guests' clothes, ship's linens (tablecloths, napkins) and crew clothes. Responsible for the operation and all personnel associated with the Main Laundry.


Manages the "Camp Carnival" youth program. Supervises the youth counselors in performing baby sitting and scheduled youth activities. CHIEF ACCOUNTANT

Responsible for virtually all cash handling onboard, the Chief Accountant will control the ship's safe, prepare weekly cash and expense reports, pay tour operators and issue funds to the Pursers for Purser floats. The Chief Accountant also collects the cash deposits from business partners in addition to the Casino. The Chief Accountant is responsible for overseeing the cost and revenue accountants in their departments and ensuring proper reports are generated daily.
Revenue Accountants - Responsible for the maintaining the Sail & Sign system. They recognize and repair problems with the system, execute daily and voyage functions and balance all cash reports and figures related to Sail & Sign.

Paymaster - Responsible for paying the crewmembers onboard their salary.


Oversees the medical team onboard and makes any
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