Hotel Reservation and Billing System

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Every business organization has tasks that should be carried out to arrive at its objective. This task has to be done not just efficiently but also, effectively. To be efficient means to use resources, people, money, raw materials and the like-wisely. To be effective means to achieve results, to make the right decisions and successfully carry them out so that they achieve the organization’s goals. Since the dawn of the computer age, people have turned to innovations brought about by technology to make their work more efficient. One of the invaluable products of technology is the computer. Businesses of all sizes make use of computer based information systems because of its great benefits to improve…show more content…
In checking in the guest must pay in full payment. Then the front desk officer will give the keys and they will be guided by the room assistant to their respective rooms that they have leased. In getting information to the customer the receptionist will ask for important information of the customer, like Name, Address, contact number and the customer should present a Valid ID for identification. They use log book and list down first the date and time of check-in and days or time of check-out, room numbers, types of room whether it is Regular, VIP or Suite. In checking-out, the customer must pay the remaining balance of their reservation and if there are damages happened to the room. The customer have ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes of extra time to fix all their important stuff before leaving the room fifteen (15) minutes onwards is not allowed, instead they have to pay it as an extension of one (1) hour. In getting the reports of the reservation information, the receptionist will give to the manager how many customers reserved/check-in in the hotel per week/month, who are their regular customers, and how many times the room has been reserved in a week or in a month. Lastly they do not pay much attention to the phone call reservation. To be publicizing to the people they used now tarpaulin and fliers. In getting the availability of rooms or for the front desk officer to be informed
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