Hotel Reservation and Billing System

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Major System Features and Functions

The system will automate many of the manual procedures that are being used by management, front desk, and room services at the Hotel Computer Science. After preliminary analysis of the requirement specifications a system with the following functions will best satisfy the needs of the hotel management and staff.
Hotel Management System Overview
The following level one data flow diagram characterizes the types of inputs and outputs and the interactions that the staff may expect from the hotel reservation system.
Level One Data Flow Diagram

Breakdown of the System Modules
A more detailed analysis of the modules that will be involved in creating a functional hotel management system reveals the need to
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The front desk will have access to create, delete, edit current bills, and registration forms of customers. Also take and post messages for customers. The kitchen staff will have access to edit room service order forms, special requirements and will be able to have read access to menus.

Data Structures & Algorithms

Our decision to implement the Hotel Management system using standard PC technology and a commercial database product has narrowed our choices of implementation algorithms and data structures. We have chosen to implement this system with a PC database program (Access) that uses a relational data model. Basically what this means is that related data is grouped together in what can be logically viewed as a columnar table of records. Each record within a particular table is composed of a number of fields that hold the relevant information. Each record can be uniquely described by on or more fields in the record. These fields are refered to as the records primary key. Information is retrieved from the table by specifying the records primary key. The entire system is made up on a number of tables, each of which can be thought of as describing one logical entity. For example a custmomer is represented by a table that has field entries corresponding to the customers name, address and so on. Information about each customer is retrieved by specifying the customers name which is the primary key for the customer table.
With this basic inforamton
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