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ROOMS DIVISION UK accommodation sector Hotel accommodation sector is one of the highly contributing sector in UK service sector economy. It consists thousands of hotels rooms across the country ranging from small B&B hotels rooms to most expensive hotels in the world. The major trend in UK hotel industry is budget hotels. Budget hotels have flourished during the past decade. There are two main types of accommodation. 1. Serviced accommodation 2. Non Serviced accommodation Serviced accommodation Serviced accommodation is where all services are provided by the accommodation provider. It includes servicing of the room, providing food and other services. This is most common type of accommodation available…show more content…
Hotel is consisting of many types of suites and provides all personalised service. Ex: London Dorchester, Lanesborough hotel 7. Resort Resorts are the types of hotels are located in natural or man made attraction to spend time away from city. All facilities are provided from transport from airport to coming back to airport. All inclusive packages are mostly used in resort hotel. Rates are including of rooms, food and most of the local beverages, gymnasiam, swiminng pool and all other activities. Ex: Sandals Resorts 8. Motels Motels are designed for distance travelling motorists who are sleeping over at one point of their journey. There are not many motels in UK.But there are some budget hotels located near service stations to provide this service. 9. Boatels These types of hotels are designed for voyagers who used ports as pit stops in their journeys to destination. Located near port where they can toe their boat in close proximate. Ex: Boatels can be seen in Cardiff port, Southampton Port. 10. Country Side Hotels Some of the Old mansions and Family houses are in country side are maintained as Country house hotels. These are family owned hotels run by family members with assistance of many staff to provide specialised services such as food and beverage. Ex: Country house hotels in Scotland and Newcastle. Front office

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