Hotel Rwanda vs. Erin Brockovich

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Two Different Ways to Murder Thousands of People Hotel Rwanda and Erin Brockovich are two provocative films that take a look at separate deviant acts but still present similar dangerous social problems. The conflicts that are portrayed are different in the means of operation but both share a similar end with the endangerment of thousands of people. We will examine how these deviant decisions affect both their societies and the reasons behind these atrocious acts. Hotel Rwanda is a very graphic film filled with a tremendous amount of deviance and social problems. The Hutu tribe feels that the Tutsi should not be in power and the Hutu extremists try to overtake their position. The social problem is they want control over their part of…show more content…
As Hirschi has been quoted concluding “that a child’s relationship with his or her parent is the most important factor in determining involvement in delinquent activities. Those who had weak bonds with their parents were most likely to commit delinquent acts”(Tepperman 2010). Hirschi’s theory sheds light on the fact that children still at crucial developmental stages of their lives are very easily influenced by their parents and the amount of involvement one’s parents has in their own lives. In this film many of the children witnessed their own fathers participating in these barbaric acts and were encouraged to stand up and fight for their family. A problematic social upbringing where children are forced to interact with parents taking on violent roles has a huge impact on their own behaviors. In this story the children gain a sense of attachment and shared identity, which is facilitated by violent family values and rituals, such as, murder and violence. This is known as Authoritarian parenting where the parents have a high level of control but are not very caring (forcing them to fight in a war, not worrying if they get killed). The children seemingly become brainwashed by these notions and accept it as their ‘responsibility’ or as ‘fate’. Psychologist Jean Piaget showed in his research “the self is a social product… because the self is a social product, it changes

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