Hottest Issues of the Philippines 2010

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MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), the largest business group in the country, expressed support on government’s move to rally the business community in crafting the mandate for the K-12 Program of the Aquino administration.
K-12, which means 12 years of basic education from preschool to elementary from the current 10 years, is part of President Benigno S. Aquino III’s proposed educational reforms to produce better quality graduates.
PCCI President Dr. Francis Chua said that for the Philippines to compete globally, 12 years of basic education is an absolute necessity.
According to Chua, PCCI’s policy discourse on the K-12 program forms part of the broader set of Resolutions that will be
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Students enroll themselves in different forums and educational clubs where they get to discuss many points for the same topic and get different views. The teachers here contribute so much as to turning every discussion into a positive note cooperating with the students.
K-12 education system has revolutionized the education system in India. Over the years, the level of education system and syllabus has greatly improved in time. The K-12 segment accounts for the lion's share of India's educational market. Students are provided with the ultimate learning opportunities. The school invests thousands of dollars in bringing the best infrastructures. It is also equally important that the student utilizes this system in best possible ways. He must always evaluate the available information to jump to a rational ending. This is the type of educational platform any student can experience in the K-12 program. Therefore, it is no surprise that this methodology is being introduced by most educational institutions in India.
The traditional learning styles have their own merits, but this new and innovative education strategy is superior in that. It helps the students work individualistically and find solutions on their own. This strategy makes students self-determining, reliable and indulgent. It also improves the relation between
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