Hour Sleep During A Second

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8-Hour Sleep in a Second Our product, 8-Hour Sleep in a Second, is something we hope will positively help the lives of many. Through different design processes and research, we have created something that we are proud of. We feel that our invention is something that has been needed in our society for a long time and hopefully soon it can be produced for all to use. There are positive and negative consequences, as does every other invention, and it may be difficult to make, but in the end we know it will change the lives of people for the better. Present Technology The present technologies of our invention are energy drinks such as 5-hour ENERGY®, and coffee. 5-hour ENERGY® is a shot full of caffeine to help people stay awake and be more energetic for at least five hours. Energy drinks such as Monster, Rockstar, and Red Bull are full of sugar to keep you from getting tired but it does not have a long lasting effect. Coffee is a drink made of roasted and ground coffee beans, usually also filled with caffeine which helps you stay awake. The key limitation to these products is that they are harmful to your health; these products also do not work as effectively as you would hope. Energy drinks include a high amount of sugar; side effects of high amounts of sugar consumption include: a rise in blood sugar, decaying of teeth, diabetes, cancer, and fatal heart disease. Coffee and 5-hour ENERGY® include high amounts of caffeine; side effects of ingesting too much caffeine include:
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