Hourly Rounding

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Improvement to Patient Care by Hourly Rounding
A change that a nurse manager could implement that would help improve patient care is hourly rounding. In order to implement this change successfully, the nurse manager needs to clearly communicate the expectations, and then follow up with good monitoring. When the nurse manager sees the staff meeting the expectations the staff should be acknowledged rewarded/recognized and celebrated. On the other side, if the staff is not meeting the expectations they should be reminded, coached, and counseled. Sticking to the communicated expectations can have powerful results when the nurse manager diligently and consistently puts the plan into practice.
Justification to Improve Patient Care and
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The next stage is moving. This step requires reeducation with exactly what is expected during this change, and the tools that will be needed. As the nurse manager, you will need to reinforce how this change will increase patient care and safety.
The last stage is refreezing. This stage shows consistent evidence that the change is stable, integrated, and internalized by the staff. The nurse manager will need to continue to monitor the effectiveness of the change. This can be done by having the unit clerk continue to log the call bells, doing their own rounding on the patients, and evaluating the feedback from the nurses and patients
Skills for the Change Agent
The skills needed for a change agent are experience, success, respect, and leadership skills, and management competencies (Grohar-Murray & Langan, 2011). A change agent is anyone who has a positive attitude, communicates the goals of the organization and is willing to get involved to help facilitate these goals.

Strategies to Improve Responses to Change
Strategies that could be used to improve responses to change could be to continue to educate the nurse on the importance of the change. Another strategy may be to educate the staff on how the change will help to improve patient care and will also give them more time. Make sure to have conversations about what the expectations will be in regards to the extra time the nurses will have. Also, allow them to suggest their ideas,
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