Hourly Rounding Essay

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The Effect of Hourly Rounding on Nurse Satisfaction and Productivity
Kerri Austin
Originally Submitted November 23, 2008
Revised and Resubmitted January 10, 2009

Hourly rounding is a strategy involving nurses and other health care staff to regularly “check in” on patients every hour. Because nursing staff is not reacting to call lights, patients are more content and happy; therefore nurses feel they are doing a better job helping their patients (Studer, 2007). Research has shown that rounding every hour lowers patient’s use of call lights and resultantly decreases the workload of the nurse (Leighty, 2007; Meade, Bursell, & Ketelsen, 2006; & Tipton, 2008). Performing hourly rounds has contributed to 20% less walking per shift
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When the project is a proven success, the hospital should consider implementing hourly rounds instead of odd-hour rounds. Employee satisfaction contributes to satisfied customers. Hourly rounding promotes high-quality patient care to improve patient outcomes; this is vital in healthcare delivery today (Studer, 2007).
According to Studer (2004), Rounding allows nurses to gather information in a structured way. It’s proactive, not reactive like call light responses. It’s a great way to get a handle on patient problems before they occur. It’s all about providing the best patient-driven health care… The great thing about hourly rounding is that it doesn’t benefit only the patients. (¶ 4).
Hourly rounding permits the nurse give quality care to their patients and the nurse has more time to focus on other tasks, especially patient education. This greatly improves employee satisfaction and morale.
Formative Evaluation
Formative Evaluation is the method I will use to determine if hourly rounding does indeed increase productivity (and job satisfaction) of senior nursing students. According to Gallagher (2006), “[Formative evaluation’s] goals are to find out whether the program is being effective in order to change procedures to increase efficiency” (p. 122). Formative Evaluation will consider the level of which the nurses are
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