House Bill 2. Introduction. In The United States, The Only

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House Bill 2 Introduction In the United States, the only LGBT right guaranteed on the national level is same-sex marriage. North Carolina pales in comparison to other states on this front, especially when you consider the effects of House Bill 2. In this memo, I propose that State Republicans work towards a prompt repeal of House Bill 2, in an effort to curb the economic consequences of it. A repeal would give local institutions the right to establish their own nondiscrimination policies, reverting the status quo prior to House Bill 2. A majority of Americans support providing these protections, proving that it is a salient and pertinent issue to debate as we approach the 2018 midterm elections. Trans Rights in the United States An…show more content…
The same cannot be said for North Carolina, when the topic presented itself in the form of House Bill 2 (henceforth referred to as HB2). The Scope of House Bill 2 HB2 was drafted in retaliation of a Charlotte city ordinance which intended to prohibit housing and public accommodations discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity (Tan, 2016). Republicans felt that these specifications violated the “privacy, safety, and dignity of women and the elderly,” and thus, HB2 was born (Tan, 2016). The bill perpetuated a narrative centered around sexual assault, claiming that men could harass women and children in restrooms, under the guise of a transgender identity. Anecdotal examples of these crimes feature cisgendered sexual predators, who violate several preexisting laws – not individuals who actually identify as transgender (Brady, 2016). However, the Office of Justice Programs does note that half of transgendered people will be sexually abused or assaulted in their lives (2014). This fictional narrative paints a population which is more likely to suffer from sexual assault as the ones who perpetuate it. Although it may not have been based in fact, its message spread like wildfire, as it became a battle cry for proponents of the bill. Though bathrooms became the forefront of this issue, HB2 also had an impact on North Carolina worker protections as a whole. This bill prevents any city ordinance which requires its businesses
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