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House, despite having a sexist main character and hardly and characters who are women, is my very favorite television show. When I watch (which, by the way, is every week; religiously), I do so because of the intensity and intrigue of the program. The various medical cases that the show involves keep me on my toes and excited for what is about to happen next. It wasn't until this week, however, that I noticed just how many inequalities and separations there are between men and women in the show. First of all, the main character of House, Dr. Greg House, is a man. Whether or not the position could be played as either a man or a woman, I do not know. However, I should say that Hugh Laurie, the actor, does a truly remarkable job (he won a…show more content…
He has absolutely no tact in dealing with her, and has mentioned on made many remarks about her gender. Later, I will discuss how this is evident even in this one particular episode. To only look at House's relationship with Cameron, however, would prove as an injustice. House is equally rude and uncouth with his other two employees. One is black, and one is British. To say that House ignores either of these factors would be completely incorrect. House refers to the black man as "darky", asks him about crime related incidents, all in an effort to spite him. This is the same way he speaks with Cameron about her womanhood. Is he sexist? Is he racist? Maybe. Personally, I feel that he is not meant to be portrayed as such. I think he is just an old, angry man. Tonight's episode did not disappoint, and has actually proved quite pertinent to this assignment. It revolves around a sixteen year old supermodel who has a panic attack on the runway, punches a fellow model, and then collapses to the ground, unable to move, but still aware of what is around her. When she arrives at the hospital, her father admits to giving her Valium prior to her performance in order to help with nerves. Also, he later admits to having had sex with her a year or so again. House is not concerned with this information, and decided to keep the father around to ask him more questions about the daughter. Cameron, however, finds this information very troubling and reports him. At the very end of the
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