House Keeping

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Management considers the business of keeping a place clean and in good repair to be vitally necessary for a hotel to command a fair price and get repeat business. Areas of Housekeeping responsibilities: The general public tends to think of the housekeeping as the department that makes the bed, empties the ashtrays and wastebaskets, tidies up the bathroom and leaves fresh towels. The truth of the matter is that it takes more manpower to accomplish housekeeping’s almost countless functions than those of any other department in the hotel. Housekeeping’s responsibilities may begin with fabrics, and progress to the selection and purchase of all furniture and furnishings. It encompass not only their cleaning but also their maintenance,…show more content…
The professional housekeeper must therefor understand how each position fits into the total plan of the hotel. She / he must be able to make the employees in the housekeeping department realize that how their work relates to the other departments in the hotel and they are important members of the team. 10 Rules For Housekeeping Leadership The professional housekeeper must have the administrative ability to : 1. Utilize manpower effectively. 2. Devise easy methods of reporting work that has been done. 3. Develop standard procedures for routine activities. 4. Install inventory control. 5. Motivate all types of labour. 6. Accept all the challenges that management proposes. 7. Involve employees in planning. 8. Increase the educational level of the staff. . 9. Set up recruitment programs to find and develop management trainees. 10. Cooperate and co-ordinate with other department managers. Staffing The Housekeeping Department: A person who does hiring should be very familiar with the jobs for which he or she is interviewing applicants, and should use professional techniques that will help reveal the potential of each person.. careful hiring is the way to keep turnover down. To develop an ideal staff, the housekeeper must begin by defining an ideal set of positions to be filled. This makes it necessary to decide what level of supervision the department should have; to write detailed job specifications and detailed job
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