House MD Series: Every Patient Tells A Story

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I choose to watch the House MD series as a way to continue with Every Patient Tells a Story understanding, as the author of that book was the medical advisor for this fictional TV series. I have not really watched TV since starting nursing school over 10 years ago due to my continuing my education. I decided it would be best if I started with the first season and the first of the series. I obtained a copy of Season 1 Episode 1, titled “Pilot”, from Amazon as an individual purchase. The television series was produced by Fox Network for eight years. The series features the main character as Dr. Gregory House, an infectious disease doctor. It is not made clear during this episode how he got the position of head of a team of physicians specializing in medical diagnoses at a teaching hospital in New…show more content…
In this episode Dr. House is taking on his new role and is told he has to start see patients while he takes a client for a physician friend who has an undiagnosed disease for over a month because she is his
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