House Made of Dawn Essay

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Jake Scaduto ENG 359 10/1/12 Different Eyes Yield Different Results As is true in any facet of life, your experiences and the events that you have encountered throughout your time on this planet shape everything you know about things in the world. This remains true for the characters in N. Scott Momaday’s House Made of Dawn. The characters of Abel, Francisco, Benally, and Tosamah have all been through various different adventures during their lifetimes. Thanks to pre-existing biases, racism, and life changing events, Abel, Francisco, Ben, and Tosamah all have different conceptions of the world, especially in their attitudes toward Native Americans as well as the white society and these attitudes shape the identity of each…show more content…
In doing this, Momaday presents to us a character that is much different from what the current stereotypes of Native Americans are and what the media leads us to believe. The next character that symbolizes everything that is Native American tradition and way of life is Francisco. He is Momaday’s only representation of a character that is still strong in the old ways and even a bridge to future generations to carry on what is important to him. Even as a strong of a character as he is, Francisco is also one that is faced with a lot of loss in his life. In the death of Abel’s mother and brother, Francisco is thrust into the position of caregiver and the one with all the pressure to bring Abel up in the traditional Native American ways and have him lead the life that his mother would have wanted him to live. Although is may not be outwardly shown, the bond that Francisco shares with Abel is the thing that is most important to him throughout all of his life and the constant leaving of Abel and drunken stupors that Abel goes into is something that severely effects the way that Francisco is able to act. Francisco is seen as all things wise and holy during the novel and the many little things continually prove that his is true. When we first are introduced to Francisco, he is traveling to pick up Abel at the bus stop. We see his dedication to
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