House Of Usher Imagery

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Poe’s imagery draws attention to the gloom and morbidity associated with the House of Usher and how it contributes to Usher’s insanity. For example, the interior decorations of the manor are lifeless with “dark draperies” hanging from the “vacant eye-like windows” and items scattered about, but “[failing] to give any vitality to the scene” (Poe). Despite the fact that the house is inhabited, the house is eerie and lacks vivacity. The house, a mirror image of Usher himself, invokes sentiments of emptiness and desolation induced by the lackluster inhabitants. Furthermore, as the narrator becomes familiar with the house, he notices the “sombre tapestries [and] blackness of the floors” and how “unfamiliar were the [ordinary] fancies” (Poe). These
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