House On Mango Street Analysis

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The House on Mango Street Reading the House on Mango Street was very interesting. It was fascinating to read someone else's story and be able to relate to someone with a completely different life than me. It also compelled me to look at life through a different culture and growing up experiences than mine and challenged me to think about things I initially would not think about. I enjoyed reading it because I was able to mentally create a timeline of all the different vignettes, each of them showing me different little snippets of her growing up and figuring out how to exist in the world. There was a reason for each story. Some of them had very clear lessons that she learned, others were experiences she went through that she never forgot. Some were happy, others not so much. All of them combined made the story of her life growing up in the house on mango street. This is why I think the dominant theme to this book is growing up. The struggles and the experiences one goes through to figure out themselves and the world around them. A lot of the vignettes she wrote seemed to be her retelling parts in her life from a very young age all the way into adulthood, but there are three in particular that stood out to me as stories that revealed her growing up. The first Vignette that I think really backs up my theme is The Family of Little Feet. It depicts how Esperanza and her friends learn a lesson through a not very comfortable experience. They seem to be teenagers at the time,
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