House On Mango Street Analysis

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House on Mango street. Sandra cisneros novel, The house on mango street, is describing the problems latino face in society. A society that is mostly dominated by men, and a society that is juges women on what they look like, instead of judging them on what's inside. Cisneros wants us to see the daily complications a latina woman must face in order to be treated like everyone else. The novel also talks about how females should be loyal to their husband. And love is not something they should rely heavily on. In the novel we can see how latina women are viewed as nothing more than objects. They are all viewed the same way by their boyfriends, husbands, or friends fathers. Cisneros and her sisters grow up on mango street, thinking appearance is everything, if they do not looking appealing to the public they will make it. Even in the start o f the novel she is so ashamed of her house that she sometimes hesitates to show it, or when people ask where does she live she is not very excited to she them. “ Where do you live? she asked. There, I said pointing up to the third Hoor. You live there' There. I had to look to where she pointed-the third Hoor, the paint peeling, wooden bars Papa had nailed on the windows so we wouldn't fall out. You live there' The way she said it made me feel like nothing. There. I lived there” (pg4). A nun walking by asked this questioned and that destroyed her inside. She felt like nothing, the house is so disgusting even a nun was
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