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Women’s Escape into Misery Women’s need for male support and their husband’s constant degradation of them was a recurring theme in the book House on Mango Street. Many of Esperanza’s stories were about women’s dreams of marrying, the perfect husband and having the perfect family and home. Sally, Rafaela, and Minerva are women who gave me the impression of [damsel’s in distress].CLICHÉ, it’s ok though. It’s relevant They wished for a man to sweep them of their feet and rescue them from their present misery. These characters are inspiring and strong but they are unable to escape the repression of the surrounding environment. *Cisneros presents a rigid world in which they lived in, and left them no other hope but to get married.…show more content…
Cisneros presents the loneliness that Rafaela feels because of her husband’s continuous imprisonment of her. Rafael’s beauty is used as an excuse in order to avoid the truth, male dominance in a woman’s home. Esperanza explains that, "Rafaela who is still young gets locked indoors because her husband is afraid Rafaela will run away since she is too beautiful to look at." (79). Thanks to these women, Esperanza is able to avoid problems that come with a marriage. She is young and does not want to "look out the window her whole life, the way so many women sit their sadness on an elbow" (11). Unlike most of the women in the book her escape is no longer the window. "But that night he comes back and sends a big rock through the window"(85), shattering her glass hopes [???] and making her turn to poetry as an escape. "Minerva is only a little bit older than me but already she has too kids and a husband who left." (83) She is a perfect example of a woman who is subjected to the consequence of suffering because of marriage She "writes… on little pieces of paper that she holds in her hand for a long time" (84). Like unhappily married women, she always takes him back even after the incessant beatings. "She has many troubles, but the big one is her husband who left her and keeps on
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