House We Live In Sociology

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On May 2nd, Baruch held a movie showing at room 2-125 where faculty and students came to watch the The Power of an Illusion, Episode 3 “The House We Live In.” In this movie, it focuses on how our social institutions affect people’s life chances and their ability to prosper. Our government organization is shown to have perform acts that benefits whites people more than people of other races (white privilege). For instance, after World War II, there were government programs that focused more on assisting the whites in the suburbs. They have greatly funded city service in their neighborhoods, making their community safer and cleaner. This would help white people obtain the advantages of a home equity. However, minority races like Latinos and African Americans dealt with undeveloped housing and dirty communities with a large number of poor families. As a result of this uneven distribution of resources and privilege (stratification), it led to a decline as many grocery stores and services left. In addition, the government during the mid 1900s used their power to support the…show more content…
For example, African Americans often faced racism in a past society that passed laws that prevent them from living their lives. They were not able to obtain a high paying salary or a well-respected job. Obviously, they were not as wealthy as white people. Overtime, the value of what each family owns (wealth) adds up with the new generations. In the end, white people had more financial securities than those of non-whites like African Americans. Principally, the movie amazingly brings awareness of the structural racism in the government institutions through the wealth of a family. The monetary value of each household can impact life opportunities and outcomes. Many non-whites had their opportunity for a better lifestyle taken from them when our social institution favored whites by giving them more
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