House and Sherlock Holmes Essays

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Neeraj Gaur
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Two Peas in a Pod Many critics have stated that the TV series House and the Sherlock Holmes stories are both connected in several ways. I agree that House and Holmes have similar characteristics; both House and Holmes are experts in their professions, they are given cases to solve that are too difficult for other investigators (doctors) to resolve, both House and Holmes are quick on their feet, a mindset to come to rapid conclusions after the briefest examination of the circumstances. House and Holmes are similar in many different ways, “Series creator David Shore has said in an interview that Gregory House's character is partly inspired by Sherlock Holmes” (Wikia). Shore also
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When House and Holmes are not solving a case, the two are often lazy and languid. However, when it comes to solving the difficult cases, these two are the men you want up front. They are quick with coming up with solutions and finding the answers fast without spending as much time as the other investigators (doctors) do. Nonetheless it is not a one man team; House is just as dependent on Wilson for friendship as Holmes was on Watson, “James Wilson is the less hero-worshipping, non-biographer, and just as oddly obsessed analog of Dr. John H. Watson” (Holmesian Derivations). Unfortunately, this did not mean that either of them appreciated the only friend they cared to accumulate over the years; surely, both characters take their “W”-companion for granted. Another non-predictable comparison between House and Holmes is their address. Sherlock Holmes lives at 221B Baker St. In the “Hunting” episode we see that House lives at 221B. The number is seen as House and Wilson leave in the morning, but we do not know the street name. However, I do not believe that it was a coincidence the numbers are the same. Also their names, Sherlock Holmes, the Holmes sounds like homes and House is the just another name for home…coincidence, I do not think so. Moreover the character of Sherlock Holmes was originally based by his creator, “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, on Joseph Bell, a doctor noted for his love of deductive
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