House of Hades by Rick Riordan Essay

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Charactors There are really seven main characters; Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel, and Leo. During the whole story Percy and Annabeth are stuck in Tartarus, which changes them forever. They become closer to each other, and Tartarus is such a scary place, that they will be mentally scarred for life. In the story it says “He wondered how Nico had survived down here alone without going insane.” This means that Tartarus can make a person go insane, and that Percy and Annabeth a amazed that Nico, who had survived Tartarus without anyone, is still alive and doing fine. Throughout the story Jason doesn’t change physically, more mentally. At the beginning of the book he is a Roman, but due to the time he spent in Camp Half-Blood, he…show more content…
“massive dark face” (page 408) connotative- scary, and creepy denotative- a large face that is dark
“clouds of blackness” (page 413) connotative- scary, and overwhelming denotative- black clouds
“fall into Tartarus” (page 415) connotative- scared, and panicked denotative- falling into a black pit
“poisonous clouds” (page 421) connotative- toxic, scary, kind of freaky denotative- clouds of poison
“darkness” (page 422) connotative- scary, weird that everything is dark denotative- all black
“raging storm of death” (page 490) connotative- scared, panicked, overwhemled denotative- an angry death storm
“shadowy” (page 364) connotative- creepy, mysterious denotative- in the shadows
“agonizing curses” (page 238) connotative- sorrow, scary denotative- painful curses
“bloodthirsty” (page 34) connotative- creepy, weird, scary denotative- thirsty for blood
“sulfurous air” (page 40) connotative- scary, panic denotative- toxic air

Point of View This point of view in this story would be Third-Person Limited. Third-Person Limited is when the person tells “his” or “her” story and reveals one character's thoughts or feelings. The person telling the story switches about every 5 chapters. The point of view switches between Hazel’s, Annabeth’s, Leo’s, Percy’s, Jason’s, Piper’s, and Frank’s perspective.
The author chooses to order the story in chronological order. The author tells all the events that happen in the
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