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Antijuanne Smith

The study of human growth and development has included many theories over the years. From the well known theories such as cognitive development theory to the lesser known theories such as the systems theory, they all have their strong points in some areas but lack in others. Psychosocial development theory attempts to include the biological, behavioral and social aspects of human development so as not to leave any areas out of consideration. The psychosocial theory is very useful when applied generally to the various stages of development, but the psychosocial theory is even more useful when supplemented with other theories of development that divulge into specificity.
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Following the analysis is an appendix with details of each interview and observation if a more in depth, cross reference is desired. The appendix contains further human development interpretation of each interview and observation. In order to reduce length and redundancy, additional interpretations are omitted in the analysis section but may be found in the appendix.
The stage of toddlerhood is a very interesting stage of development. The "terrible twos" is a common saying for children at this age who are making the transition from infant to toddler. When viewed objectively, toddlerhood is the exact opposite of terrible. Toddlerhood, in fact, is rather interesting. Many of the things that make us individuals take shape in the toddlerhood. Learning to use the bathroom, language, and motor skill development are just a few of the tasks that toddlers learn in this stage. The psychosocial theory provides solid explanation of toddlerhood. One of the aspects that Newman and Newman write and theorize about in toddlerhood is the concept of imitation as the central process in which toddlers engage (2012, p. 226). Being the central process, it must be argued that imitation is absolutely crucial during this stage of development. Imitation can be both verbal and physical, such as repeating what is said and mimicking the dancing moves they see (Newman & Newman, 2012, p. 226). Throughout childhood the role of

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