House of Sand and Fog, Analysis

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Carlos Rivas English 2341 Professor Scott Whitebird March 10, 2011 The book and the movie of the same name, The house of sand and fog which is a movie about the conflict that arises over who is rightful owner of a small bungalow along the California coastline. The story in of itself is amazingly refreshing as the whole story doesn’t really have a protagonist or antagonist because at points in the story all characters are a little bit of both. The book’s and the follow up movie’s main theme are about how different people’s hopes can collide and how dangerous it is when they do. (Perelman, 2003) The novel was well written and unique whilst the movie follows along with the novel almost faithfully mostly because the author himself had a…show more content…
He went from a wealthy apartment to Kathy’s beach bungalow also in part because it reminded him of a house he once had along the Caspian Sea. Behrani moves in quickly with his wife Naderah and his son named Esmial and as the realtor noted that a widows walks would increase the value of the house he quickly modifies the house in such a manner. This leads to Kathy’s deep insecurity that he would chose the normal family life over life with her and that he certainly wouldn’t want to start a family with her if he is leaving one behind as a part of her did want to have kids and be a port of a family however the novel implies that her husband was not of the best character. In the beginning of the book it starts off with the inner thoughts of the two main protagonist similar to a science fiction novel DUNE, by Frank Herbert, this point of view is limited to their thought and that alone is pretty interesting and descriptive, from the beginning you see the discipline of Behrani’s character compared to the lackadaisical attitude of Kathy Nicolo. Early on Kathy finds herself sleeping in her car in the one place she felt safe, in front of her bungalow and unbeknownst to her Behrani hired a contractor to build a widow’s walk on top of the roof and as he left she happens to wake up only to see two people tearing up her roof to which she
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