House of Sand and Fog Essay

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The novel House of Sand and Fog, written by Andrew Dubus III, is a story about how society, events from the past and present situations can affect people’s persona, anima/animus, shadow and self which eventually influences their decisions about life. Dubus explores the conflict between two completely different people with opposite persona. Colonel Masoud Behrani, once a wealthy man in Iran, is now a struggling immigrant willing to bet everything he has to restore his family’s dignity. Kathy Nicolo is a troubled young woman whose house is all she has left, and who refuses to let her hard-won stability slip away from her. These two characters are drawn by their competing desires to the same small house and domed by their tragic inability to…show more content…
185). The conflict arises when his persona undergoes a change and loses its strength since he becomes an immigrant in a country that does not value him as much as he expects. At this point, other three parts of his psyche starts to reveal his unrevealed emotions such as fear, violence and depression. “And for the thousandth times in this terrible country I wished to be wearing my uniform, the perfectly tailored uniform of an honorable colonel, a genob sarhang in the king’s Air Force....But of course my uniform then, was damp work clothes with blades of grass on my lower pants, dust on my back” (p. 22). Behrani’s saying indicates his conditions in America as an immigrant and how his persona does not help him in the society anymore. He works in a convenient store and as a labour, but whenever he returns home, he changes to a well sewn suit to make him look decent. He constantly tries to keep up with his appearance not only in the society, but also for his family, specially his daughter Soraya: “Will she be too ashamed to visit? To bring her husband and his family? These thoughts begin to anger me (p. 163), what do I say to my daughter? Please do not look down upon me because I no longer have a powerful position in my society? I am not to blame our society no longer
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