House on Mango

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Katelyn Gettys Questions – 15 – 29 – House on Mango Street "Darius and the Clouds" What is the significance of the sky, butterflies and the flowers? Well, the sky reminded him of his childhood. They’d make familiar shapes and just bring back the best memories which made him in a better mood. Since Darius is one of those guys that like to tease girls around the school yard, it kind of gives him a bad feeling about himself. He relies on the sky, butterflies and flowers. When he looks up in the sky, he sees nothing but happiness and peace. He believes there will never be enough butterflies and flowers. He thinks god exists in one of those white puffs in the sky we like to call clouds. “And Some…show more content…
Esperanza feels more comfortable now that she has someone to eat lunch with. So pretty much, in general, she really likes it but when it comes to being social, she doesn’t exactly know what to do with it. When a boy comes into the picture, things change and she starts to like it even more. "Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark" What is Esperanza 's reaction to her father crying? She really just tries to picture how her father is feeling and what it’s like to lose her father. She just feels so bad and wants to hold her dad in her arms. The hardest part for her is the fact that she has to try to explain it to her younger siblings why they won’t be able to go out and play that day and try to explain what happened. I know for a fact that she has just the warmest heart towards her family and that it’s everything. I can just tell. Having to go to Mexico for a funeral and explaining that while trying to keep your own father calm; is tough but she’s tough enough to help and get through that situation. "Born Bad" How does Esperanza grapple with her aunt 's death? What questions does she ask and what conclusions does she make? She doesn’t like the death because of the whole game she played with her friends acting and portraying them-selves as Aunt Lupe. Considering she was bedridden and sick almost all of Esperanza’s life, she never got to go out and have fun with her aunt. Although Esperanza was afraid to visit Lupe, she liked her. She would bring library
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