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We live in a time where throwing away random things is normal and we don’t have one thought about it. We live in an endless cycle of producing, consuming, wasting, and then throwing away. Corporations create useless products where they know consumers will just throw it away after one use and the corporations profit from this use. This waste grows in volume and is very toxic for the environment. These corporations are also not pressured into recycling and reusing their products and are allowed to reproduce toxic materials in their products. The manufacturing industry produces large amounts of waste every day. The material they waste away contains very valuable resources that can be reused. Raw materials are becoming very scarce and more …show more content…
This causes untreated sewage to go into our local water supplies and seep into the groundwater. Ground water is used for drinking so when the septic system breaks it can cause costly repairs and our drinking water would be contaminated (Public Health). National estimates say each house contains 3 to 8 gallons of hazardous materials including pesticides, herbicides, poisons, corrosives, solvents, fuels, paint, motor oil, antifreeze, and mercury-containing wastes (Oregon). Most of these household cleaning products contain the same chemicals as industrial waste. People don’t think about what they throw away when dumping their trash out and do not realize that they are harming themselves and their family. They might as well dump their cleaning supplies straight into the river themselves. When dumping chemicals in to the trash, they get into landfills and contaminate the land around it (HHW). This has a very bad effect on the ecosystem. There is always a place for trash and waste products. Anything that goes into the trash gets composted, incinerated or landfilled. Landfills are connected to the environment and are not separate. Whatever goes into a landfill is part of the earth now too. When hazardous waste is in a landfill, this waste can wash away when it rains. Non water-soluble waste that will travel on the water is called a leachate (pubs). This goes through many layers of trash and then enters the environment. Leachate cannot be completely

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