Household Income, Food Marketing and Geographic Location Are 3 Factors That Have Been Identified by Australian Researchers That Are Potentially Influencing Food Choices in Australian Homes.

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ECH130: Essay Household income, food marketing and geographic location are 3 factors that have been identified by Australian researchers that are potentially influencing food choices in Australian homes. Household Income The cost of nutrient dense food is a determinant of health (Palermo, 2011). Income determines the household food budget which influences the variety of, and quality of the food purchased. Lee, Ralston and Truby (2011) conducted a study that “examines the effect of food cost on diet quality and risk factors for chronic disease” (Lee et al, 2011) within the Australian population. This study confirms that food prices affect food choices that reflect diet quality that determines disease risks. The cost of health foods…show more content…
(Chapman, Nicholas and Supramaniam, 2006,[Chapman 1]). Chapman et al,2006 [Chapman1] study recorded 645 hours of television time during 7:00am to 9:00pm on 2 weekdays and the weekend from 3 different commercial stations located in 2 capital cities (Sydney and Brisbane) and 2 regional areas (Tamworth in New South Wales and Ballarat in Victoria). Using the method of analysing the recorded data performed by two project officers who were qualified dietitians, the study identified 81% of food advertisements were for unhealthy; non-core foods and an excessive amount those advertisements were directed at children. Due to the minimal promotion of healthy, core foods and the intense advertising of unhealthy, non-core foods children are provided “with a skewed perspective on healthy and ‘normal’ food choices, encouraging the selection of unhealthy options” (Chapman et al, 2006,[Chapman 1]). As a result of the food marketing creating an “obesity-promoting” environment, childhood obesity has been declared a serious problem among Australian children, in the NSW Childhood Obesity summit (2002). Other marketing tactics include the use of different sales promotion techniques such as premiums, prizes and price discounts (Chapman, Nicholas, Banovic and Supramaniam, 2006, [Chapman 2]). Chapman et al, [Chapman 2] surveyed 9 supermarkets across Sydney, in order to discover the extend of
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