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PRINCIPLES OF CLEANING The Basic principles of cleaning will provide the housekeeper the knowledge on what and how to clean a certain area. This involves the following: 1. Recognize the different types of dirt. 2. Know the elements of cleaning. 3. Apply cleaning methods. 1. DIRT – is a residue we remove or clean in every area. 2. DIFFERENT TYPES OF DIRT 1. DUST – is the baisc source of dirt. It is a form of particles. 2. SOIL – when the dust are mixed with water and oil. 3. STAIN – when patches of soil dry up in any surface. 4. TARNISH or DISCOLORATION – is caused by stains that were not removed for sometime. CLEANING ELEMENTS When cleaning, we can not just hold a piece of rag and wipe…show more content…
Leave to dry 2. Brush off | COFFEE, TEA | 1. If fresh, use warm water, dry well 2. If old, use water and carpet shampoo; sponge with foam, wipe with clean cloth. 3. Dry well | SPOTS | TREATMENT | ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES | 1. Wash with warm water and detergent 2. Rinse well 3. Dry | URINE | 1. Sponge with salted water 2. Follow with solution of weak ammonia (2tsp ammonia & 2 cups water) 3. Rinse well 4. Dry | Chewing Gum | 1. Scrape off excess 2. Put ice on top of the gum 3. Scrape off when frozen | SPOTS | TREATMENT | GREASE | 1. Absorb excess with cloth 2. Wash with water and detergent 3. Rinse well 4. Dry | CANDLE WAXSHOE POLISH | 1. Scrape off excess 2. Use warm iron and absorbent paper 3. Apply kerosene if needed 4. Use carpet shampoo if needed | INK | 1. Mop as quickly as possible to prevent from spreading 2. Wash with warm water and detergent 3. Treat the spot with weak acid- vinegar 4. Rinse with cold water 5. Dry with cloth. | TYPES OF CLEANING Cleaning Activities The following are the cleaning activities done depending on the status of the room: 1. GENERAL CLEANING 2. REGULAR CLEANING (CHECK-OUT) 3. MAKE-UP ROOM (Occupied Room) 4. NIGHT TURN DOWN SERVICE GENERAL CLEANING It is done for vacant rooms wherein deep cleaning is Needed to
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