Essay on Housekeeping and the Guest Cycle

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We are mainly dissecting the issues posed in Rooms Division; which are specifically the Housekeeping and Front Office departments. As these two departments are one of the key functions in any hotel, because the first contact or impression the guest would experience would be from the moment they enter the hotel. The next unforgettable experience would be the room they would be staying at; it could make or break the guests’ impression of the hotel.
Basically, if the Housekeeping did not do a good job in cleaning the room or if the Front Office ‘accidently’ assigned a ‘dirty’ room to them; the impact on the hotel image would be drastically affected.
The key topics which would be discussed are the impact on the guest cycle and what measures
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Communication is a vital point in the hospitality industry; it is because all departments within the hotel are inter-related. An internal or external guest may have needs or special requests which can sometime involve up to three departments to attend to. In cases like this, communication can easily breakdown and the outcome may be disastrous. As the saying goes, ‘teamwork always wins’. Instead of communicating with Front Office or to deal with the forecasting issue, the Executive Housekeeper enjoys ‘looking after and dealing with staff’s problems’. Rather than ‘taking a step back to assess her own behaviour and how it might be interpreted by her staff’ says David, 2010. It clearly shows that her staffs are not passionate and physically tired with their job k to assess they don’t mind leaving early with less income. Cleaning sixteen rooms per day can really take a toll on someone and especially if they are not motivated by their superior, they feel of no importance to the organization. Housekeeping attendants are line staff in a hotel organization, if rooms are not made up properly, it would have an impact on the guest experience and hotel. If Supervisors are involved with cleaning rooms because of an inaccurate report, who are going to inspect ‘cleaned up’ rooms and make sure they are of quality for the next guest who checks in? Lastly retaining and attracting staff can be a challenge in the Housekeeping

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