Housekeeping in Hotels: Personnel Turnover, Cultural Diversity, and Safety and Security.

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1. Executive Summary.
Housekeeping department is extremely important to any hotels. Housekeeping staff play significant roles as well. That is why you need to minimized personal turnover by monetary and non-monetary bonuses, trainings, good schedule, etc. As an option, you may do it by achieving cultural diversity at that particular department. Also cultural diversity will benefit your organization by different ideas from employees with different background. You could satisfy customers from any country or area. As well minimized absenteeism improves employee’s knowledge of their duty. So it will make them understand the importance of safety and security management of the hotel. Good-natured and well-trained employees will benefit your
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•Did you have a clear understanding of the job?
•Was your training adequate?
•Did anything prevent you from being able to perform your job?
•How different is your new job from the one you had here?
Analyze the results:
•Are the same positions turning over?
•What are the common reasons?
•Have you conducted an employee survey?
Here I will suggest some benefits that could motivate employee to stay and work well for your company (as well see Appendices, Table2).
The most common option is financial incentives to retain staff. In addition to the wage increase, you may include a system of bonuses.
Many employers choose to offer their employees benefits that are not mandatory. Such benefits include: Health Care Insurance, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Retirement /Pension Plans, Flexible Compensation, etc. Undoubtedly this list can go on forever, for example there are certain companies that even pay for the food employee consume while at work.
As well some companies allow their employees to improve their skills or obtain additional education at the expense of the company. In such a case you can make an agreement where the cost of training will be separated in proportion to the amount of time that an employee must work out, such as 24 months. If a person retires before, for example, six months, he must pay one-quarter the cost of his training.
At the same time managers have a responsibility to make the environment motivation friendly. This can be done

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