Housewife vs. Working Woman: an Evaluation Essay

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Everywhere you go, you are bound to run into a woman who considers herself a stay-at-home wife or mother. To meet such a woman here and there is not considered strange, but as the idea of the “modern housewife” begins to trend more and more – in Britain, especially – it is starting to raise a few eyebrows, and more than a few questions and concerns. While the modern-day housewife herself would disagree, the working woman is becoming very opinionated on the subject, and have not been shy to express their disapproval of the idea. It is an extremely difficult territory to step into unbiased, and I still find myself on the fence about passing judgment between what is said to be the 'more fulfilling' lifestyle of the housewife and the 'more …show more content…
These women still assume their role as a wife at home, though they expect a bit more help than the housewife does, and they do so by just as much choice as the housewife does. When I asked my younger sister, Sarah, her opinion on the housewife vs. the working woman, I was surprised to find that her opinion was the complete adverse of mine. “Women who stay at home are out of their minds. They're not doing any good for themselves,” she told me, going on to explain that they are presenting themselves as inferior to men by not harnessing their right to show their full potential as an intelligent, hard-working equal, and also expressing that she believe it is 'normal' to have two working parents. Contrary to the housewife's argument that a woman cannot give herself to her job or education and her family at the same time, working women believe it is their busy lives that keep their marriages alive. “What makes a happy marriage is likely to be people engaging with each other. If the full extent of your relationships with the external world is the toddlers' group, daytime TV, and ironing, it has got its limits,” said Claire Fox, director of the Institute of Ideas in London. The complaint that couples 'run out of things to talk about', I think, is a misconception. In the time that my mother
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