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I would like to know that we were placed on priority Housing on 18 May 2017 and then on the 23rd May we were placed on the priority list. The Client Reference Number is 4762972. Cameron Guy 27/07/1972 / Debie Guy, 18/8/1972 Why is that I have spoken to the Albury office and that I feel that I am on Priority but according to the Housing I am on a priority only when it suits them. Today the 20th June 2017, I rang call centre and I was told I was given an offer for housing.I spoke with the Albury Office to just be more confusing and then I decided to ring the call centre back to confirm the confusion but put me through Albury office. I spoke a Lady called Kelly and she is there an office, but there other people that she place first…show more content…
I believe that we will continued to place in second, third, four or further down ladder and so what was point of placing us on priority List if this is what is happen in Albury region. I have no choice under Human rights laws, Adequate housing is essential for human survival with dignity. Without a right to housing, many other basic human rights will be compromised including the right to family life and privacy, the right to freedom of movement, the right to assembly and association, the right to health and the right to development. I have been renting in private market and due my disability it is not working out and as rule I have become homeless with my wife because the Real-estate break the laws and do not understand you. There is communication matter that real-estate won’t apply legislation so we become homeless. This time I have done the right thing and applied for Public Housing early as intervention so hopefully I will not become homeless. I had place application with wife early and that Albury Housing NSW as place us on a Priority housing but there seem to be road blocks that continue to get in way and that is that we continue push back because we have the office of housing Albury keep chasing people that have not put in an application. I feel that has off the 28 September 2017 we will be homeless because tho we are told that there understand as

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