Housing Coordinator

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HOUSING REGULATIONS The following policies are very important to the college and we want to place special emphasis on them. Read over the policies carefully so that you will be fully aware of our policies and your responsibilities. Connors State College reserves the right to change these policies or any portion thereof at any time without prior notice. 1. Air Vent Blockage The air vents located above and/or in the room door in the air conditioned buildings are designed for airflow from room to room/hallway. Blockage of these vents will result in disrupting the air flow in other rooms. Contact your resident manager if your room is too hot or too cold. 2. Alcohol Students are expected to comply with state and local laws…show more content…
Kitchen facilities are not provided. Small microwave ovens may be used for warming food. Residents should use disposable dishes. Under no circumstances should residents wash dishes or throw food in any sink or toilet. Students will be charged for the cost of cleanup and repairs if damage results. Fines will increase with multiple offenses. Deep freezers, appliances with open heating coils, hotplates, electrical pans, toasters, ovens, sandwich makers etc. are not permitted and will be confiscated. Food items should be kept in closed containers. Cleaning of game or fish is prohibited. 10. CSC Campus Cameras CSC has video surveillance in effect. Any tampering with these devices could result in a $200 fine, replacement cost of the device/camera, possible further disciplinary action, and/or criminal charges. 11. Decorations Candles, alcoholic beverage/illegal drug containers, street signs, flags, parachutes, barricades, cones etc., may not be used for decoration. Wall decorations may be attached using sticky tack. Violators will be charged $10.00 per item. No articles may be tacked or fastened in any way to the doors, furniture, ceiling fans or electric light fixtures. Christmas decorations: only artificial, flame-retardant Christmas trees are permitted. Electric Christmas lights must be UL-approved and must not be placed near combustible materials. 12. Drugs Students are expected to comply with all local, state, and federal laws regarding
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