Housing Desegregation

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The purpose of this paper is to design a comparative case study that will reveal a viable solution toward desegregation in community planning. The study will answer the question of why segregation persist in modern America and how can community planning desegregate communities in the future. By answering preliminary questions of: What is housing segregation and what are the problems, as a result? What are the casual effects on modern community planning? Can solutions be implemented to desegregate housing for community planning in the future? The intended use of this framework will be to influence both policy makers and community planners toward desegregation.

Keywords: Community Planning; Housing Segregation; White Flight; Racial
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The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) gave banks the authority to deny loans based on race, which legitimized housing segregation. This is one of example often regarded as institutional or systemic racism. The overt practice began a process of outlining areas that were not deemed creditworthy for housing loans based solely on the neighborhoods racial and income composition, this is known as redlining. The areas classified on maps as red, located as black and low-incomed, and were the worst investment. Subsequently, the correlation between being black and low-income were rarely regarded as separate. Due to overcrowding and high-density in redlined areas, a mass influx for housing projects occurred. The problem with mass housing projects, often of dismal quality, was that the development created a lack of access to quality resources for its residence. Although, desegregation of education occurred in the 1950’s, access to quality educational facilities were limited. Moreover, district zoning regarding access to public schools created a new regulatory separation. Another effect of high-density housing projects, was subsequent negative impact on occupant health. Minimal upgrades to necessary amenities, left poor air quality, high pollution, and nutritional concerns. The access to livable waged employment, that was not manufacturing labor, was nonexistent. The absence of these…show more content…
Many attempts to improve the adaptation of forced ghettos and mass housing projects for blacks and low income, have since occurred but segregation persist. Although, many housing project continue to exist of called public housing developments of efforts in community planning have developed other models such as: section 8 housing, scatter-site housing, and more recently mixed-income housing. These attempts mainly focused on deconcentrating areas of high-poverty and have all resulted in failure of
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