Housing Insulation And Heat Transfer

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CLEVELAND DISTRICT STATE HIGH SCHOOL Year 9 Science UNIT NAME Physics TASK NUMBER 1 Housing Insulation and Heat Transfer STUDENT NAME: Ashton Coombes TEACHER DRAFT DUE DATE FINAL REPORT DUE DATE CONDITIONS You must adhere to the school’s assessment policy. If an extension is required, you must contact the Head of Science before the due date. THIS COVER SHEET MUST BE ATTACHED TO YOUR ASSIGNMENT THIS IS AN INDIVIDUAL REPORT. GENERAL OBJECTIVE GRADE Knowledge and Understanding Skills - Investigating Skills - Communicating Introduction The subject is insulation in houses. Insulation in houses is very important. Insulation keeps the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Heat is…show more content…
The insulation used in houses may be made of various materials. These may include fiber glass, mineral wool, plastic fibers, natural fibers, foam board or even polystyrene. Hypothesis I predict that the best insulation material would be aluminium foil. This is because it prevents the radiation of heat by reflecting it back at the source to cool the house down. Aim: (a clear and brief statement of the purpose of this experiment) The aim of the experiment was to determine … Hypothesis: Equipment Diagram: (with a Pencil - draw a clearly labelled diagram of this experiment) No Insulation With Insulation Method 1. Each group made two houses, one with an insulating material (they were allocated) and one without insulation (Control). 2. The house template was cut out and a hole was made in the roof with the tip of a pencil. The windows were not cut out. 3. The insulation was attached inside of the model house on the walls and the ceiling, using glue or sticking tape. 4. The thermometer was placed through the hole in the roof so that it could reach down into the middle of the house. There was no gap around the roof hole and base, and the thermometer did not touch to the bench top. 5. Both houses (with the thermometers) were placed the in the same position at the same distance from the heat lamps (See Figure One: Experimental Set up). 6. A beaker of 50ml of crushed ice was placed inside the house, not touching the thermometer. 7. After 60
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