Housing Market And The Housing Crisis

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It has been 7 years since the housing bubble burst and the financial systems collapsed back in 2008. Since then, some will say that the housing market, as a majority, has healed and regained footing but is that entirely accurate? It has been an up and down rollercoaster since the collapse of 2008, however the housing market has only started to recover within the past 2 years. “Right now, I would say we are 64% back to normal and a lot of what is driving the housing market’s strength is existing home sales, but prices have also helped push the recovery” (Jed Kolko, Trulia). As stated in the first paper, the housing bubble burst because of the increase in interest rates that put homeownership out of reach for some buyers. This ultimately caused homes to become unaffordable, leading to defaults, foreclosures, and short sales. More so, on December 30, 2008, the home price index reported the largest dip in home prices ever recorded, losing 33% from its 2006 peak to 2012. This financial crisis, unanticipated by most, caused the United States to go into a recession and has been known to be most significant risk to our economy. It was the beginning of last decade, 2000, when real estate prices rose at an unprecedented rate, subsequently leading to the bursting of the housing bubble starting in 2006. Once real estate took a staggering dip, the crash proceeded after. Prime, subprime, collateralized debt obligation (CDO), mortgage, credit, hedge fund, and foreign bank markets were all
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