Housing Market Of The Uk Housing Markets

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HOUSING MARKET IN THE UK As far as the current United Kingdom Government is concerned, housing is on the top of their agenda, Nevertheless, still to come are many issues that needs to be addressed in order to resolve what is, in so many ways, unable to deal precisely with normal social relations in the UK housing markets. In 2013, EC HARRIS BUILT ASSET CONSULTANCY hosted a conference which was supposedly attended by nearly one hundred people. It was quite fascinating to gauge the mood amongst the guest who represented a complete cross-section of the residential industry to pick up a key discussion themes surrounding the UK housing market. The demographic change, macro-economic back drop and the government planning and housing policy…show more content…
Although it is possible that leaseholders can decide to purchase an extension for lease when it is remotely below 60 years. Speaking of mortgages, majority of the freehold and leasehold properties can be bought with the benefit of a long-term loan. This is called the mortgaging process. It can be any period of time, however twenty five years is the most usual loan. The repayments of the mortgage loan normally involves two types of repayment which is called the capital and repayment of the loan interest. The security of mortgages since the late 1980’s meant that the mortgage debt has been recreated to provide the third parties, a flow of income which includes the investment banks. Though with privately rented properties, the landlord puts out a property for rent through a short tenancy agreement, which often is about 6 or 12 months which although can be renewed. Tenants typically pay the rent in monthly basis or instalments where you’ll be required to be paying the rent on a certain given period. This could be quarterly or every 2 months although other payment periods may exist. Cases like Local Government Authority rented apartments, the tenants must agree to pay the rent in a weekly or monthly basis, which is commonly more subsided and below commercial market rates. These properties are solely based to individuals on need and not supposedly their income. Some local authorities don’t not have enough properties to meet
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