Housing and Difference in Cape Town, South Africa Essay

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- Introduction
In the 1990s, Housing program in South Africa in general, and in Cape Town in particular, was still influenced by earlier housing policies and constrained by the pattern of low-income urban settlement inherited from the apartheid era, the governments’ approach has undermined the ability of a part of the households to utilize the kinds of urban housing which is promised by this policy .the article studied here “Housing and difference in Cape Town, South Africa” study the reasons behind it, through analyzing four cases of different households in Cape Town.
1- Domestic consolidation concept
Domestic consolidation in this context is where households are stretched to accommodate diverse interests and opportunities for creating long-term security for domestic units ,in the four cases described in the article assets are used in the consolidation strategies, they depend mainly on their social and human asset network between the urban and rural homeland for consolidation, therefore , members who are living in different parts of the contribute or draw from common resource pool , (Spiegel, A. Watson, V. and P. Wilkinson,1999).
A- Assets used in the four cases
For instance , in case 1 BD lives in a migrant workers’ hostel with 3 other male relatives , working in Cape Town , while leaving the other family members in homeland , for all of them Cape Town was a place to earn money for building their rural homesteads ,they are mainly dependant on their social asset to…