Essay on Housing and Urban Development (Hud)

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Running head: The Department of Housing 1 The Department of Housing and Urban Development Bethany L Schultz Central Michigan University The History and Mission of the Department of Housing and Urban Development The Housing Act of 1937, also known as the Wagner-Seagull Act. The Act provides subsidies paid from the U.S. government to local public housing agencies. The purpose is to improve living conditions for low income families (The Housing Act of 1937, 2011). According to writes D. Bradford Hunt, historians miss-understood the intent of the Housing Act of 1937. The Act was known to be the housing program comprised by amendments originating from real estate and conservative interests. Rather the 1937 Housing Act…show more content…
Public housing is provided by the federal or state government and offers housing assistance to qualified low-income families. Public housing is funded and regulated by the federal government. State governments have housing authorities that administer and regulate public housing. The housing authorities often have long waiting lists (US Government, 2011). Examples of one or more programs administered by HUD HUD offers many programs. The primary service areas are as follows: 1. Community Planning and Development Act 2. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 3. Risk Management and Regulatory Affairs 4. Multifamily Housing Programs 5. Public and Indian Housing 6. Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity 7. Policy Development Research Initiatives 8. Government National Mortgage Associations and Office of Sustainable Communities Within each service area there is a host of many options available. Specifically, under the Public and Indian Housing is the Housing Choice Voucher Program, commonly referred to as Section 8 Housing. Section 8 is the federal government's major program for access to very low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled to afford suitable, safe, and sanitary housing in the private market. Housing choice vouchers are administered by the local public housing agencies (PHAs). The
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