Houston: A Short Story

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There is a saying, “The night belongs to the day it follows”. That being said it was beautiful day followed by an even more glorious night. It was about three-thirty in the a.m. on that Friday night the summer of 1993. I witnessed a high-speed police chase and by some strange twist of fate, I believe I am now the primary suspect. Now I am pissing in my pants and, I am wondering why I got myself into this situation? If you look up the word humidity, you will probably see a picture of Houston. Why is that important? Well, on that day, it happened to be beautiful. A usual summer day in Houston is between ninety to one hundred degrees. Not bad if you live in Arizona or New Mexico. When you live Houston, you have to add one hundred percent humidity to ninety-eight degrees and, that…show more content…
I was having a hard time concentrating on the computer. It was so nice, I just kept staring out the window. About two-forty in the am, was when the commotion started. The traffic was mild but steady for this time of night. I could hear the sirens and in the distance, I could see many flashing lights. I went to the balcony and had a pretty good view of the interstate looking towards downtown. A few minutes later as the flashing lights started to get closer, I noticed a single car flying about one hundred miles an hour dodging cars on the interstate. The car comes to a stop about perpendicular to the entrance of the car dealership. This with police hot in pursuit. It was hard to see at that time but someone jumped out of the car and started running across the Interstate. Even for that time of night, there was a good chance the person would not make it. But he did and again now the police cars had caught up and they are in pursuit on foot. As he was running across the freeway, I could see he was a black male. He was tall, slender wearing a T-shirt and jeans. He was running really fast and was very agile. The police, on the other hand, were not moving as
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