How A Bill Is Made For The American People

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Everyone in America and around the world deserves to receive treatment for whatever they feel that is a concern. Not to mention that the American people have a right to be seen by medical professional for whatever problems that they have. Healthcare is a major topic for many Americans in our society today. An investigation will take place into how a bill is made this is the start of how any law must start. Then it will be looked at how health care coverage started and was formed for the American people. Next, it will be investigated how Obama Care came to be. Along with looking at what Obama Care has actually done to the heal care system. By taking a look into how many Texas residents are struggling with the change. Finally ending with…show more content…
The Senate then will decide the rules for the debate of the said bill. There are two versions an open rule were people that are against the bill can make clauses in the bill that will make it hard for it to pass. If it is a closed rule in such clauses cannot be added. If a bill wins the majority vote it then moves on to the house before you can go to the floor of the house it must go up to the rules committee. Then the rules committee reports it out to the floor of the house. If the bill receives majority vote which is 238 votes or more it is passed ("How a Bill Becomes a Law," March 20, 2015). Healthcare in itself in the United States is a budding concept. The first ever insurance plans would pop up during the Civil War from 1861 to 1865. In 1929, there would be a formation of the first health plan for a group of people. This would take place by a group of teachers in Dallas, Texas, they would be contracted with Baylor Hospital to provide rooms, board, and medical services this would be in exchange for a monthly fee that would be charged by the hospital. There would be several large life insurance companies that would decide to enter the field of healthcare starting from the 1930 's to 1940 's as health insurance would grow in its popularity ("The History of Health Insurance," 2007). In 1932, the birth of a nonprofit organization by the name of
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