How A Business Is Impacted By The External Operating Environment Affecting Business Essay

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1.0 Introduction
This report suggests discussing how a business is impacted by the external operating environment affecting business, in array to bring sustainable buyer value to consumers’ in the market. This sustainable buyer value is delivering in an effort to ensure the security of market share, plus increase the effectiveness and revenue of the existing business.
This statement will as well include personal application of models, theory, and analysis of the business- how it is impacted by environment influences in addition to how the current business performance and marketing policies will best go well with the introduction of latest Products, whilst still sustaining the existing produce range (Owen, 2011).
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2.0 External Business environments
These uncontrollable forces in the external environment are:
Competition refers to numbers of similar competitive produce brands’ marketers in the industry, their size plus market capitalizations (Owen). The company as a marketer may not have direct influence on them, but it is important that they monitor their activities, in addition to then design effective strategies
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