How A Business Plan Should Be Leveraged And Discovered Why Many Businesses Fail

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Four. Four is the number of businesses that I have either actually or attempted to create in the last 15 years. In doing so I have learned a tremendous amount about what to do and what not to do, I have learned the value of business incubators, and the value of a mentor. I have also learned how a business plan should be leveraged and discovered why many businesses fail. The very first business I ever operated was a web page building service that I operated while still in high school. At the time I knew very little about business structure or protecting personal assets. Honestly, besides my sweet 1990 Jeep Wrangler the only assets I even had was what I was wearing at the time. Surprisingly I actually got a few corporate clients that paid me well to build websites for them. One was a business that my friend’s father founded; it ended up later becoming a big success in porting web pages onto cell devices. The second was a startup my neighbor was trying that was essentially a try at what Google is today. The second business was a horrible failure and never paid me for much of the work I did for them. I ended up quitting too become a lifeguard which came with lots of sun and lots of time with some very attractive ladies as well. There are various different types of legal structures a business can utilize that provide both tax and liability protection to founders, members, and shareholders. Incorporation, LLC, DBA, Nonprofit, LP, LLP, & SP are the typical company structures

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