How A Family Has On A Society From Multiple Angles

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It is important to look at the effect a family has on a society from multiple angles. You must see if they contribute positively or negatively from multiple fronts (I feel like you could make this into 1 sentence). Some of these fronts include religion and social standing, as well as how they contribute to their society’s growth. In New England and the Chesapeake areas, the role of family played a major part in the judicial and societal order, which evolved from only supporting men and ignoring women to that recognizing women in a limited way (I slightly reworded your thesis, just a few tweaks. Feel free to change it back if you liked it better the other way). Maybe throw in a transition sentence to come after your thesis and finish the paragraph and tie into the next one. While looking at families across the centuries of time, one reoccurring theme seemed to appear. It was the idea of a household being run by a man. Everything in the house, from his wife to the furniture and food, belonged to him. Even in recent ages, we can see this idea of the man being the bread winner and the women being at home taking care of the kids and house. Although this might not be the case in all cultures, most societies believed in the idea of a “paterfamilias,” which roughly means “fathers family” in Latin (added the meaning to the end of the sentence). The idea of “paterfamilias” is explored in Mary Beth Norton’s novel Founding Mothers and Fathers: Gender Power and the Forming of American
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