How A Leader Builds A Healthy Team

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CHAPTER ONE How a Leader Builds a Healthy Team Introduction The purpose of this research project is to present an investigation of how a leader of an organization builds a healthy team. This chapter will review the setting, history and background of the Equipment/ Component Preparation department Pfizer Corporation, and focus on the leadership team building style of the senior supervisor of the Equipment/Component Preparation teams. It will detail the scope and limits of the project. Chapter one will also identify the importance of building a resilient group of leaders that are unified in their attempt to teach processes and produce accurate work, while creating a safe and friendly work environment. Statement of the Leaders Impact on…show more content…
The main strategies and principles of what a leader must perform to generate and sustain the overall success of the organization will be identified and documented. Additionally, the undertaking of bringing together people from different generations and diverse life experiences, then attempting to cast them into a unified team is a daunting task. Essential to the study is the creation of a safe environment that allows team members to encourage and support each other in a positive manner while executing the purpose of the group vision. The observed leader will be interviewed and quoted as a subject matter expert of team building. The outcomes of this study will list successes and challenges based on the habits and experiences of the observed leader at Pfizer Corporation. The Setting The setting for this research study will take place at Pfizer Corporation, also known as Pfizer, located in McPherson, Kansas. The facility has been in operation since 1977. It has undergone multiple name changes in its near 40 years of existence, and most recently has changed from Hospira, Incorporated to Pfizer in September 2015. This facility produces sterile injectable drug products for the hospital products division of the pharmaceutical industry, and currently houses a staff approximately 1,600 employees. The medicines produced at this facility are
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