How A More Enterprise Wide Change Management Approach

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Given the new healthcare environment of adopt a volume to value mindset, along with the continued financial pressures providers face today, suggests that health systems can no longer rely upon the business models, competencies, and market dynamics that historically defined success. The unsustainable growth in health care expenditures, along with emerging payment reform and expanding accountability, will require health systems to adopt a different type of strategy—one capable of creating value by integrating growth and performance initiatives across the continuum of care. This will require a new way of thinking; a new attitude that requires a re-thinking of strategies and new innovative models of leadership, culture, and system-ness. As…show more content…
It is time to re-examine the fundamentals of healthcare. As leadership expert Stephen Covey explains, management works in the system, but leadership works on the system.(Covey 1994) It is also becoming more and more obvious that all organizations are out their facing challenges that come from within the business; for instance, a health system’s internal environment may be affected by inadequacies, changes in the workforce, or high levels of staff turnover, due to added responsibilities. Cost reduction efforts tend to be somewhat of a “do more with less” approach to providing care. It is clear that all of the external environment factors, such as the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) set of new standards, advances in technology, and the focus on Information Technology may likewise challenge a group. Changes that reply to, or result from, the above-mentioned challenges are referred to as change management, and made clear both from the viewpoint of an organization and the individual as a systematic method (Ahmann, 2013). Despite the fact that the idea of becoming more modest or more efficient can inspire change, at some point these objectives must be decoded into the specific impacts on processes, systems, organizational structures or occupation roles (Andersson, 2012); it is these impacts that encompass the change management procedure. LITERATURE REVIEW Enterprise or System Management Research shows that when it comes to healthcare
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