How A Needs Assessment Is The Gaps Between Current Conditions And Desired Conditions?

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The purpose for a needs assessment is to determine the gaps between current conditions and desired conditions. A needs assessment is a critical part of the planning process which provides individuals with the opportunity for improvement, education, and training. In order to gather the information required to improve employees’ performance, an analysis of the work environment is a key aspect to creating better conditions. The company that is being assessed is Siemens and efforts by the company to maximize efficiency are under evaluation. The desired outcome of a needs assessment is to develop a business strategy that integrates the company’s actions, goals, and policies. The ability to have a functional organization with employees operating…show more content…
The individual employees in each department all have their own responsibilities and daily goals which need to be met in order to produce desired profitability for the company. A new hire brought into the company is assigned to their particular department and given proper training that pertains specifically to their job duties. A broad overview of the company objective is provided to every employee but knowledge of different employees tasks remains as information that is only disclosed to those responsible for completing them. An observation of the workplace revealed that departments and teams feel comfortable sharing information but only to an extent that is deemed necessary. The productivity of employees was strong because of the equipment available for utilization and the capability to complete a job is likely because of the resources available to team members. The second level of analysis performed was task which provides data about a group of jobs and the knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities needed to achieve optimum performance. “At this level of analysis, organizational behavior draws upon the sociological and socio-psychological sciences. Siemens places a great deal of importance on employees’ profiles and performances by offering awards to those that go beyond their mission objectives. The collective goal of Siemens is to be the most respected brand in technology by making and keeping
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