How A Network And School Essay

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How to run a Network Understand your Network and School Before start doing anything we have to first understand our network clearly or we can do a SWOT of our network on the basis of 1- Social & Economic background ( Students & teachers background )where they are coming from) 2- Geographical condition ( Distance between two schools ) 3- Specific challenges in Network, like two school, are a competitor of each other either they very good friend of each other. 4- The strength of your network, bright spots number of good school who are very supportive & good number of teachers who are very enthusiastic about the program. 5- Identified the need for these schools and teachers what they want and try to find these things internally what you can solve through your program. 6- Try to understand the expectation of your school and teachers, and chart out the clear plan how you are going to communicate with them, what are the things which you can do & can’t do. All the above point helps you when you start implementing the program because many times it happens that while implementing you face some challenge, prior planning help you to solve these things on the spot. Teacher attendance in the network meeting depends on their family background and distance of school same time the role of principle also play the very important role it. Building Purposeful Relationship with all Stakeholders Building Purposeful Relationship with all Stakeholders play a very important role to run a

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